Grief and Loss

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Whether someone you know has been diagnosed with a terminal illness or you have had sudden and unexpected news of someone’s death, this is shocking. The topic of grief and loss makes many people very uncomfortable and avoidant. It can be so “taboo”, that even emergency room and trauma physicians are uncomfortable talking with families about a loved one’s death. Having worked in the Grief Program at the Contra Costa Crisis Center, I know just how frightening and devastating it can be for people to have to cope with the threat of losing someone close to them.

Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.
– C.S. Lewis

Psychotherapy For Grief and Loss

It doesn’t seem to matter whether a loved one has been taken from us suddenly, or whether we have had time to prepare ourselves for letting go of someone; the loss or anticipated loss leaves family members feeling confused and frightened. Often there is panic and overwhelming anxiety, and the uncertainty that loved ones have to sit with creates tremendous tension within and amongst family members.

If the family is called upon to make difficult medical decisions for a loved one who cannot speak for themselves, this creates agitation and easily stirs up feelings from the past, including unresolved resentments. Death pulls up from within us the deepest of conflicts that we will ever have to bear.
Seeking psychotherapy helps to put words to the feeling of sorrow, ultimately working towards accepting the unacceptable.

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