Couples Counseling

Lamorinda Therapy Couples Counseling

My work in couples counseling typically involves communication strategies with the goal to improve connection and intimacy. We will look at how to identify problematic interactions and strategize together about how to address them. My approach is both engaged and active while allowing grace and compassion to permeate. Often there are amazing strengths in the couple relationship that have been overlooked or forgotten.

If you want something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.
–Thomas Jefferson

Couples Counseling Perspective

Sometimes couples in conflict need a new perspective or way of understanding each other. Whether we are working through sensitive issues of trust, parenting strategies or general conflict resolution, the focus will be on how each of you feels in the presence of and toward the other. Identifying “triggers” and places of brokenness in each allows for insight and productive change. Within a climate of trust and security, couples counseling will create an intentional path of authenticity and healing, allowing for deeper connection and intimacy in their relationship.

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