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Are you struggling with addiction?

I am so happy you are here and congratulate you on taking steps to overcome addiction. I am here to support you, guide you and assist you on your journey to becoming the person you want and deserve to be.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.
-Thomas Jefferson

My approach helps clients not only cope, but also transform their lives beyond the plight of addiction. I am here to help you uncover your forgotten strengths, resiliency and resources. Experienced in helping not only the addict/alcoholic but also the family, loved ones and support systems who are also struggling with their own difficulties resulting from this disease. My expertise stems from the intertwining of my professional career and personal life.  I have loved ones within my family who have struggled with this disease. I have personally seen the devastating effects that addiction can cause, as well as the beautiful things that sobriety and recovery can bring. The disease of addiction can be devastating and emotionally charged journey.

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